24/7 emergency access to medical and next of kin information

Alert ID is a simple and highly effective identification and medical information service for you and your loved ones. In the face of any accident or emergency, Alert ID is a first response service designed to inform the emergency services of your medical conditions and to notify your next of kin.Accidents happen when you least expect them, which is why Alert ID is ready/on hand 24/7 365 days of the year.



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WHY wear an Alert ID product?

Up to date information saves lives

By wearing your Alert ID tag all your medical conditions, allergies, prescribed medicines, & next of kin details are instantly available.

Do you carry any ID?

Do you carry identification during your chosen activity?  What if you fell from your bike or your horse, or tripped while out running and were unconscious, would you friends or family know how to find you?

Alert ID provides peace of mind

Once you are a member you can add your entire family and protect them too!  Any number of tags can be purchased and added to your profile so in the event of an emergency or accident you will be immediately contacted.

Enhanced support and care

A disorinetated sufferer of dementia or alzheimers can easily get lost even during simple tasks such as shopping or taking a walk.  By wearing an Alert ID tag a passer by can contact the call centre and our team will be able to assist immediatley offering support and assitance to all concerned.

Don't forget to add your pets too!

By wearing an Alert ID dog tag your pet is protected and so are your personal details.  This way your pets name and your personal phone is protected from thieves.  It also allows you to add numerous contact numbers so a point of contact is guarented eleminating the possibility of one mobile number being unreachable.

Protect your students

School trips, soccer camps, holidays and many other activities leave children in the care of professionals that may not know them personally.  By wearing an Alert ID product children AND the carer in charge are protected.  Instant access to thier personal details, medical information and next of kin is vital.

Example Scenarios

a child goes missing
If you have ever lost your child, even for a short moment, you have likely experienced that terrifying feeling of extreme panic. Alert ID Wristband will help anyone who found your child to contact you quickly by calling our emergency number, our operator will contact all numbers listed on your profile, ble ble need something here
a running accident
A trail runner is jogging alone along country path when he trips and suffers a head injury. A passer by finds him however he carries no contact details for his wife or any of his medical conditions ... Thanks to Alert ID wristband person who found him contacted our calling center who will then took over and manage crisis plan.
The elderly with dementia
An elderly lady with dementia leaves her house and falls heavily in the street sustaining a broken hip. She has no ID with her, no-one knows who she is, where she lives or what her medical condition is and her level of confusion is adding to the chaos … Alert ID provides a 24-7 service to answer calls from the emergency services or from members of the public, wristband will help locate person. We will contact family and emergency services if needed.
the lone holidaymaker
A lone holidaymaker enjoying an early morning swim in the sea has a heart attack. He left his entire ID at the hotel. Immediate medical assistance is required but some background critical medical history checks must be made first. Accidents are never planned. They happen when we least expect them. The priority is to get medical assistance FAST and to notify the relevant next of kin and affected parties ASAP.But not everyone carries ID on them at all times … And even if they did, checking medical history / tracking down contact numbers for key...

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