Alert ID for personal and corporate use

If you are a business, a charity or an association, what better benefit can you offer your employees / members than the knowledge that, in the event of an accident, the appropriate immediate action is taken to keep them safe?

Alert ID is able to produce branded wrist brands for any corporate body, association or charity, at a minimal cost. Charges for the wristbands can easily be redeemed via membership fees, or in the case of a corporate, will represent a highly valuable yet cost effective feature for inclusion in any employment package.

Existing organisations who have signed up to the Alert ID service include British Horse Society, Diabetes UK, Miles Smith (insurance) and Hadlow College.

To discuss a possible corporate / organization Alert ID subscription contact us.  

Examples of Alert ID for corporate 

Alert ID and Travel Agents

Travel Agents provide their customers with 3 months registration with the Alert ID 24/7 Emergency Support Service.

Travellers may register the family, their luggage, medical and allergy information, holiday details, together with any number of emergency contacts both in the UK and abroad.

The Agent also supplies Alert ID branded luggage tags and wristbands for the children, with printable ID cards for adults.

Each ID device is assigned to individuals within the travelling party and their luggage.


Alert ID and Education

When an incident occurs, Alert ID enables those with a duty of care over a student, to have access to clear and up to date student medical and allergy information, are able to inform the emergency services and ensure that next-of-kin and family are contacted at the earliest opportunity.

Alert ID also has a UK based 24/7 Emergency Support Team ready to assist school staff with any incident.

Developed in partnership with City College Norwich.


Alert ID and Business 

Some businesses have staff who work from the office or remotely with their customers and clients, such businesses would include building contractors, tradesmen, insurance assessors, in fact any business that employs staff and has no duty of care over persons who are not staff.

Other businesses have clients and customers who come to the business itself for tuition, or adventure, or to be with like minded people, such businesses would include, the local Fitness Centre, Adventure Holiday Camps, Residential Courses, Driving Instructor, Riding School etc.

With either type of business where there is a ‘corporate duty of care’ over staff, clients or customers, where accident or illness occurs it is important that the business knows what to do in that situation and knows how to contact the person’s next-of-kin and has access to the person’s medical conditions, crisis plans and necessary medication.


Alert ID and Clubs and Societies

Imagine a scenario where an illness occurs on club premises and as a club representative you have instant access to the member’s medical and allergy conditions, crisis plan and where their medication may be found. Additionally next-of-kin and family contacts have been recorded and there is a 24/7 Emergency Support Team to assist with whatever you, the club representative requires.

Alert ID provides this and more!


Alert ID and Events

Events need managing and health and safety measures are always a top priority.

Where a group of people come together for any reason, the group leader finds themselves in a position of providing levels of ‘duty of care’.

A recognised duty of care is the provision by competitors at an event or people on an organised trip, of emergency next-of-kin contacts and medical issues and crisis plans in case of illness or accident.

Such details can be difficult and time consuming to collect so Alert ID has a simple online solution that can be used on a ‘try it you’ll like it’ basis by event organisers and their competitors or group members. The system also provides a 24/7 Support Service and emergency ID cards and profiles for all registered families.



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