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Alert ID provides a 24-7 service to answer calls from the emergency services or from members of the public who have been made aware of an accident involving someone wearing an Alert ID tag. The caller is asked for their name and contact number and reminded that the emergency services may be required. Each Alert ID wristband carries an individual ID number, quoting this number will locate the member’s details on the Alert ID register.

Your vital information 

Each Alert ID profile includes the following information:

> Name of the injured / member / address / contact details

> Recorded medical information: conditions, crisis plans, required medication, doctor details, blood group

> Details of next of kin

The Alert ID team will ask the caller what has happened and what is about to happen (e.g. details of which hospital the patient is to be taken to).  The Alert ID support team informs next of kin and all relevant contacts. Essential information can be given immediately to the attending medics, and medical information pertaining to the patient can be sent direct to the medical centre that will be caring for them.

Immediate support and personalised attention

Alert ID ensure every patient recieves the best support personalised to them, immediately.  

PROTECTION for the injured party and assurance that the medical teams will be able to make the right decisions, with immediate and direct access to relevant medical history details

IMMEDIATE and accurate identification of the person involved 

INSTANT communication to loved ones / those responsible for the person that has been injured

RELIABLE access to a 24/7 365 days of the year service that does not revolve around office hours


Alert ID is a simple, highly effective and proven system that will ensure the appropriate immediate action is taken when an accident occurs. 

It works at both a corporate and consumer level

As an employer or educational establishment you will be confident that you have acted responsibly in protecting the welfare of your staff / students. Alert ID wristbands can be branded to reflect an organisation’s corporate identity

As a parent / person responsible for safeguarding a vulnerable family member, you will have the peace of mind that your loved one is protected and can be easily identified at all times.

All this is just by wearing a simple wristband that is pre-registered on the Alert ID database


Safe and secure

All the information stored in your Alert ID profile is 100% confidential.  The only time your information will be accessed is in the face of an emergency. You can choose who can edit and see your account profile, but we strongly do not recommend sharing your account password. 

If you are the account holder, you will need to update the account information for everyone listed on your account. 

All Alert ID data is stored securely and we never sell or share any of the data.




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